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Videos of Our Farm

Harlequin Duck

June and Jasper swimming up their river January 5th 2015


Soot Blue Grouse male full air sac display

Oregon Dusky Blue  Grouse full air sac display

Canadain  Spruce Grouse

Complete breeding

8 Young Blue Grouse chicks in a brooder

Here Geroge thinking he is  ALL that !!!!!!!!!!!

This was SANTA CLASS he was the COOLEST

Franklin Spruce male we have had here at grousepark

Greater Prairie Chicken male making BOOMING

sound that they are there for their hens .

Franklin Spruce grouse #2
Franklin spruce  pair male is doing the head jerk display

Pacific Eider Ducks cooing and displaying

Franklin Spruce Grouse

Canadian  Spruce Grouse Spring Display

The pair is about to breed,they are both doing the head jerk which lets both birds know the time is right.

Romeo at his HOOTING post during the spring time.

Here is Geroge, an Oregon Blue, HOOTING to his hens.

Pretty cool  actually when seeing this up close and personal!!!

Greater Prairie Chicken doing what we call

his KARATE or CACKLING call pretty funny!!!!!!!!!!

Franklin Spruce grouse #1

Franklin spruce male almost breeds hen

Franklin Spruce Grouse

Spring display

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