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Sooty male in summer time up on his Hotting pearch.

Sooty Blue Grouse


D.o. fuliginous

The Sooty Blue grouse are residents in the foolwing mountain ranges. Coastal Alaska, south through Coastal areas of British Columbia,including

WesternWashington state and southward into all of Western Oregon,

Northwestern California. They can be found down at sea level and high as 4,500' elevation in the Cascade range.They will spend the winter time

eating Douglas fir needles and Hemlock needles and snow or water.

Once spring comes on they will go down to lower elevations if necessary . The hens will be 2-3 weeks behind the males.


One major difference between the coastal and interior population is the

display.The male Sooty blue grouse HOOTING can be heard up to 1/2 mille

away but the BOOMING can only be heard about 50'. Where as the

Dusky male blue grouse HOOTING can only be heard about 50 depending

on the lay of the land,wind ect.Where as Dusky blue grouse male BOOM

can heard up to 400-500 yards .The next major difference is the Sooty blue grouse air sac is yellow as where the air sac of the Duskyblue grouse is red.

Once a hen has breed with a male she will lay 8-10 eggs and incubate them

for 24 days and hatch and raise them on her own.


Male Hooting on the snow early spring.

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