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Harlequin Ducks

Histronicus histronicus


Pacific Harlequin Ducks are little ducks that weigh around 1 pound.They are one of the few ducks that spend their winter in the coastal areas on rocky shores and then migrate inland to fast flowing streams to nest and raise their young. Soon after breeding, the male returns to the coast for the summer molt. After rearing her young, the mother Harlequion returns to the coast along with her young to spend the winter.

Harlequin ducks normally do not breed until they are at least 2 years old. They may not raise any young their first or second try as the mountain river homes they breed in offer a lot of challenges.


To the right is our current male

Harlequin. He is a 6 year old male.

In captivity, they will breed as early as 2 years of age but more commonly at 3 years.

Our male Harlequin's name is Jasper.




Below is our hen who will be 3 years old this spring. Her name is June. First time hens

laying have an average of 4-6 eggs. older hens

can lay as many as 9 eggs in a clutch.



Here are some nesting sites that Harlequins seem to like.

 They can swim off the water right into the nest box

they feel safe as it gives them a fast getaway  when they need it.

Here are 2 male Harlequins swimming along.

This  group is wishing it was spring time!!

Here is a new pen for Harlequin ducks.

Here is a 4 year old pair of Harlequins having a relaxing day

on the shore.

This pair just got done splashing and having fun.

 These 2 pair are glad spring made it!!!

Here is a male swimming, looking for stone flies in the water.

You can see in the photo how swollen the hen is , as she is in the process of egg laying in the spring time.

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