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Oregon Blue Dusky Grouse


Oregon Blue  grouse  are distrubed accross N.E Oregon,Centarl

Idaho mountains north and western Montana,N.W Wyoming inside of Yellow stone Naional  park and Eastern Washington state. They are found at elevations abouve 3,000' and higher.They winter on the higher mountains ridge tops and eat dougfir

neddles and snow all winter long. As spring approachs the male fly down to lower elevations to pick and secure matting territory. The hens

come behind 2-3 weeks later to begin the nesting season. in mid April.

You will  find males in the spring time on there territory doing what is

called hotting. This allows the hens to find the males.Once a hen

has picked  a males that she likes. They will court for a few days

breeding 1 time. When the hen is ready to breed the male will approach the hen and do  what is call a rush he will go up to her and cirle her

with a rushing movement and then BOOMS if she holds her ground they will mate then . You Can here the BOOMS from males 400-500 yards.

as for there hootting it is very quiet can only be heard  for 50'.

The hen will lay 8-11 eggs over the next  15 days or so and incubate

them for 24 days and hatch them raise them by self and stay with them

until mid September .



 Oregon Blue  Hen  sitting on a pearch.



 Nest of Oregon Blue grouse eggs.



 Oregon Blue  grouse male  mid May

full display. His was Romeo 6 year olds.



 Oregon Blue  grouse male showing off

to his hen.



 Young Oregon blue grouse male  taking

a dust bath in sept.



 Oregon blue grouse male he was a 6 year old male named Romeo.


Oregon Blue  grouse male full display.



 Oregon Blue  grouse chicks 3 days old.



 Oregon Blue  grouse chicks 5 days old.



 Oregon blue grouse male he was a 5 year old male named Spartacus.



 Oregon blue grouse hen is spring time.



A group of young Oregon blue grouse

in late August.

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