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Greater Prairie Chicken


T.c. pinnaus

The Greater prairie chicken

Currently they are limited to small isolated

populations in Michigan, Wisconsin,Illinois,

Northwestern Minnesota,Eastern North Dakota,Nebraska,

Kanas,Western Missouri and northern Oklahoma. The biggest

threat to the Greater prairie chickens is cultivation of the land

as they need vast open tracks of land as in 10-20 miles.

The current situation is 5-10-20 acres of CRP just is not engough.Once spring arrives the male will move to what are alled leek sites and start BOOMING . It is quiet Spectacular to watch.Many males at once will be on  the dancing grounds

trying to catch the affection of a hen.

Once a hen has breed she will go off and lay around 12-15 eggs.

If she is lucky enough to hatch them after 24 days she will

raise them up till fall.


 Greater Praire Chicken male full display stunning shot.


 Greater Praire Chicken male thinks he hears  a hen.


 Greater Praire Chicken male full display.


Greater Praire Chicken male.


 Greater Praire Chicken


 Greater Praire Chicken male horns up.


 Greater Praire Chickens in a group 1 male  and 3 hens

late winter.


 Greater Praire Chickenin middlle of BOOMING !


 Greater Praire Chicken male spring time.


 Greater Praire Chicken pair early fall.


 Greater Praire Chicken male


Greater Praire Chicken full lalter display

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