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Great Basin Grouse

D.o oreiuys


The Great Basin blue grouse are residents in the mountain

ranges of the following areas:The eastern half of Nevada

and all of Utah. They spend the winter in the higher elvations on ridge tops, much of the tme sitting in a single tree and eating nothing but Douglas fir needles and snow.

They may spend as much as 10 days at a time in a tree without coming to the ground. There is some evidence that they leave the tree and burrow in the snow if condisions

get very cold maybe around minus 25 degrees. As spring

time approaches thy will fly down the mountain to greening

basin below where the sage brush meets the timber around

5,000' elvationb. At this point they will pick a terrritory

called their HOOTING site. Sometimes prime areas wil

have males every    200'-300' these are called HOTTING

bands. The females will come down the mountain 2-3 weeks after the  males arrive, around the last week in April,maybe later depening on the spring melt. Once she finds a males she likes,they will breed 1 or 2 times and then

go off and lay a clutch of 8-11 eggs.She will incubate for the next 24 days and hatch and rasie the chicks on herv own.

All summer long they slowly work their way up the mountain. They will sstay together until around mid- September.


Older male at a HOTTING post.

 young male in mid winter

King George is a 5 year old male

Another young male late winter.

 King Geroge on a ground pen late  winter

King Geroge  late winter

male on snow

Look how big their tail band is  WOW!!

 King Geroge eating Mountain Ash berries!

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