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Mother Franklin spruce hen with

her young chicks.

Breeder pair in May .

Breeder male standing on a log a good showing of his white spots.

A hen feeding on some Jack pine branchs.

Hen Franklin spruce grouse notice they

also have the white spots.

Silene with a young 3-4 week old Franklin chick on her lap.

Franklin Spruce Grouse


D.c. franklinii


The Franklin spruce grouse mainly resides in the mountains ranges of the following areas: Southeast Alaska, Central British Columbia,

and west central alberta.In Eastern Washington, Central Idaho,Western Montana, Northeasterrtn Wyoming (In Yellowstone

National Park) , and Northeastern Oregon, there are less than 500-1000 birds , which are currently listed on the statwes sensitive lists and thankfully can not be hunted. The Franklin spruce grouse is 1 of 4 sub-species, and the males have 10 white spots on their  tail covertslaying over their shank feathers.When they are in full display it is quiet stunning to see against their soild glossy black tail. They

also have a soild glossy black chest. Their displays are very different from the other 3 types of spruce grouse whom  all have an orange tail band on tghe end of their shank feathers. The Franklins do what is called the wing clap as follows: The male fkies up to a short jack pine tree in their territory, 7'-10' off the ground and then flies for 50'-75' down a open alley way. He proceeds to snap his wings while in flight,

sounding like CLAP-CLAP-CLAP-CLAP. A pair of spruce grouse has a good bond for about 3-4 weeks before and during egg laying and breeds multiple times. The hen will lay 5-7 eggs and proceed to raise the youn by herself. When the youngf asre around 4-5 weeks of age , she will take them daily around the male while displaing in his territory. Franklin spruce grouase live typically around the 5,000'-

6,000' elevation in a Lodge ploe forest with white fir and black and white spruce trees. They also have whortleberries and huckleberries as their ground cover. Once they pick a home range they do not move and will stay there year round for their life span,which can be over

10 years.








5 year old Franklin Male full tail  good example of their glossy black againtbthe white spots.

Mother Franklin hen with young.

Santa claus in fill dispaly.

Franklin spruce grouse male.

3 day old Franklin spruce chick.

Santa claus in half strut.

Young ranklin spruce chick.

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