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Canadian Spruce Grouse


D.c. Canace


The Canada spruce grouse are residents in mountains ofbteh following areas: Sothern Ontario,Southern Quebec,New Brunswick,Northern Minnesota,Northern Wisconsin,

Upper Peninsula of Michigan,Maine,and Nova Scotia. Their

home range includes black spruce swamps alongside sandy ridge line of short jack pine forests. They require blueberries in their

territories. The Canada spruce grouse out number the Franklin spruce grouse 10 to 1 in  the wild as their range is much bigger.

Their home range is much bigger bigger than that of the Franklin

spruce grouse as gthey  may have as much as 5-50 acres compared to the Franklin's 5 acres .Pairs stay together year round. The hens rsaise the young on their own and will start bringing them around the male when they 4-5 weeks of age.The biggest threat to the Spruce grouse is human poulation. They seem ton ghave lttle fear of people and a hunter can some times

walk very close to them during the shotgun season. The  state

of Maine has had the forsight to close the season on the

Canada spruce grouse as it is not very sporting to hunt them,

and would reduce their numbers quickly.

Mother with newly hatched young.

Canada spruce grouse are great mothers.

Here is 2 year old male.

Same  mother hour later.

some young in the brooder on moss.

A nest of  eggs on a wire bottom pen.

Canada male in full dispaly

here  is Dad in full display

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